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Puppy Questionnaire - Clarochel GSD & Ekara Beagles

Thank you for your interest in one of our puppies. I am Dirk Tijssen, owner of Clarochel German Shepherd Dogs (www.clarochel.com) and Ekara Beagles (www.ekarabeagles.com) in South Africa. I do not breed often, and when I do have a litter, I focus on breeding a quality litter with well-rounded, adapted puppies. All my puppies are raised in my home with me. To indicate interest in one of my puppies, please complete this form. You will automatically be placed on the relevant waiting list, and I will keep you posted when I expect a litter. Please note that your answers to the questions on this form, forms part of our home check process, and will also assist us to suggest the best puppy for you. Please answer the questions as completely as possible.

Contact information
Puppy preferences

Interested in Breed::

We breed Beagles & German Shepherd dogs. Please indicate the breed that you are interested in.

German Shepherd Dog Coat Type:

Only required when you are interested in a German Shepherd dog.


Briefly explain why you chose this breed.


Would you prefer a male or a female puppy?


Describe your ideal dog. You may include details such as coat colour, personality traits etc


When would you like your new family member to join your family?

Other Information

Home Ownership. Rented or owned?:

If rented, does your rental contract include clear guidelines on pets?

Your age:


To help us suggest the perfect puppy for your family, please explain your home situation, family, kids & living arangements.

Is the whole family on board with getting a puppy?:


Does any of your family members have any known allergies?

Other pets at home:

Are there any other pets in the household?

Holiday Plans:

How often do you take Holidays? What happens to the pets while you are on holiday?


How will the puppy be kept stimulated, exercised and occupied? What are your training plans?


Our dogs are usually placed in homes with a no-breeding contract. Please let us know what your feelings are about spaying/neutering.

Have you ever re-homed or surrendered a dog before?:

If yes, please explain the circumstances

Understanding of the return contract:

Do you understand that, if you are unable to take care of your puppy any longer, you will be required to return the puppy to us, and that there will be no compensation in this regard?

Understanding of the waiting list:

Do you understand that being on our waiting list is no guarantee that you will get a puppy from us, and no guarantee of any timeline? We will contact families on the waiting list when we expect a litter for further vetting.