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Milldamcreek Puppy Application

Please review my frequently asked questions page if you have not already.

Information to know and understand prior to completing the puppy application:

• This form is required to be considered for one of my puppies. There will be a follow-up phone interview (generally 30-45 minutes). This process helps me get to know you a little bit, and helps me determine if this breed, or a specific puppy will work for you.

• I will not take both a colour and gender preference – you must be open to a male or female in the colour of your preference or be open to any colour in the gender of your preference. That said, please understand my priority will always be placing my puppies in the right home. If a puppy in your desired colour/gender is not a good match for your family, I will not place that puppy in your home, and you may need to wait for a future litter if you are not willing to accept a puppy I deem to be a good match that is not your preferred colour or gender.

• Completing this form (or the subsequent follow-up phone interview) is not a commitment to buy, nor is it a guarantee you will be approved for a puppy.

Our pet puppies are currently $2,200. All puppies in each respective litter will be the same price, regardless of colour or gender (subject to change at Breeder’s discretion). This price reflects pet only/non-breeding limited registration.

If you are interested in a show/breed prospect, please contact me about your intention. I do not sell breed/show often, but if ever I am not in a position to keep the best prospect in a litter, I am open to selling the puppy to a like-minded, reputable breeder, or potentially someone who is looking to show and not breed (co-ownership).

Please be sure to read my non-breeding sales contract as well prior to completing this application form (show/breed, or co-ownership contracts are different, please contact me if that is what you are looking for). It can be found on my FAQ page.

Personal information provided on this application is used ONLY for the purpose of vetting potential puppy homes, and will NOT be used for any other purposes and kept secure to the best of our abilities.

Our Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Contact information
Other Information



Other pets at home:

1. Have you read and reviewed our current contract prior to completing this application?:

2. Will you be the primary caregiver of the puppy? :

If not, who?

3. Has everyone in your household agreed on adding a puppy to the family?:

In other words, is everyone in the household willing to contribute to raising and training the puppy?

4. Do you rent or own?:

4. a) If you rent, are you allowed animals in your rental unit?:

4. b) If you rent, can we confirm this with your landlord?:

Please include contact information if yes.

5. Due to the origin/development of the Miniature American Shepherd (breeding smaller Australian Shepherds over time) variations in size can occur. Would it be a problem if your puppy grew over 18" tall? Does your living situation require your dog to stay within a certain weight range, or would you have a problem if your dog weighed more than a certain amount?:

Please explain.

6. Do you have a fenced in yard?:

7. What made you decide to add a Miniature American Shepherd to your family? Why is this breed suitable for you? What kind of relationship do you hope to achieve with your MAS?:

8. Describe your activity level::

9. Our puppies are being sold on a spay/neuter contract*. Do you have a problem with this? If yes, why?:

*Puppies are to be altered between 8 to 14 months of age. Special considerations to extend allowed timeframe for alteration will only be considered for serious performance homes

10. Where will the dog spend the day when you are not home?:

Please Select at least one.

10. a) Explanation of above answer (if required):

11. What is your barking level tolerance?:

ZERO - I don't want a barker / MINIMAL - barking when someone comes to the door is okay / MODERATE - alert barking when someone is at the door, hearing a strange noise, or unfamiliar people are on our property is ok / HIGH - a lot of barking doesn't bother me

11. a) Further explanation of above (if necessary):

12. Which is a greater preference for you?:

Please note that if your preference is for a Merle coated dog, the wait time is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. We have small program, and have no control over what Mother Nature gives us. We take gender or colour preferences into consideration, but our priority will always be placing our puppies in the right home. A good dog doesn't come in a bad colour.

12. a) If your greater preference is COLOUR, please indicate your preferred colour, and WHY you have this preference::

12. b) If your greater preference is GENDER, please indicate your preferred gender, and WHY you have this preference::

13. Please describe your ideal temperament for your future puppy/dog.:

This is what we take into consideration when matching a puppy to your family

14. Puppies will not be matched to their families before 7-8 weeks of age to allow us to get an idea on personalities to ensure the best fit for your home (puppies will never go to their new homes prior to 8 weeks of age). Do you have a problem with this? If yes, please explain why.:

Please note: if we are keeping a puppy back in our program, puppy selection may not occur until 7-8 weeks of age, as we need to wait to best evaluate structure on potential breed/show prospects

15. Are you willing to take your puppy to at least 1, if not 2 puppy kindergarten/obedience class(es)? Why or why not?:

16. Are you willing to keep in touch with Milldamcreek regarding your puppy?:

Such as sending us email updates or posting in our Facebook group

17. If you are ever unable to care for the dog at any point in life, I require them to be returned to me, or I will work with you to find a suitable new home for the dog. No questions asked, no judgement passed. Dogs from Milldamcreek are not to be resold or surrendered to a shelter. Are you comfortable with this?:

18. Do you have a deposit placed with/applied for a puppy from another breeder? If so, whom? Are they aware you are looking at other breeders?:

19. How did you hear about Milldamcreek?:

Not required, but we'd love to know!

20. When would you ideally like to add a puppy to your family? How long are you realistically willing to wait?:

21. If you live in the Ottawa area, would you be interested in the Guardian Family opportunity?:

Guardian Homes are a very valued and important part of Milldamcreek Miniature American Shepherds. As a small home breeder, I am limited in how many dogs I can keep in my home; I would not be able to progress my program, or produce quality dogs that are great examples of the breed without these loving homes. I offer the best/greatest potential dogs to these companion or sport homes so they can enjoy all the attention and training they deserve while also giving me an opportunity to watch them grow and see if they may play a role in my program’s future. These dogs would remain intact while they contribute to my program, and then spayed/neutered at a later time and remain a loving family member to you (the Guardian). Contracts vary for male and females but in both cases Guardian Home receives financial incentives, including an initial discount as a thank you for being part of the MDC family and allowing me to watch the dog grow and evaluate them to determine if they will contribute to the future of the breed.

22. By submitting this application, I attest that: I have read through the non-breeding sales contract and FAQ page. I understand I am not committing to purchase a puppy from Milldamcreek (simply by filling this form out). I am not guaranteed approval on the waitlist, nor am I guaranteed a puppy should I be approved for the waitlist.:

Please type your initials.