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Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in FleuryDachs. Please take a moment to complete the application below. Be sure to answer all parts of each question and remember that the more information you give, the more your application will stand out!

Our Breed: Dachshund
Contact information
Puppy preferences


Are you looking for full AKC or pet only (limited registration)?


Do you have a preferred gender for your puppy?

Other Information


Do you have children living with you or visiting regularly? If yes, please note gender and ages. Are you prepared to teach any resident or visiting children the proper way to conduct themselves around dogs, especially a miniature Dachshund?

Other pets at home:

For each pet you own, please list their species/breed, age, gender, and for dogs, please note if they have been altered.


How do you plan on getting your puppy to your home? Do you own your own home or are you renting? If you rent or are living with parents, a signed letter from your landlord stating that dogs are permitted on his/her property must be received before a puppy will be placed with you. Additionally, please describe your plan for adequate exercise.