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Welcome to the Labs of Valour puppy enquiry link. All information provided to Labs of Valour is kept private and will not be shared to anyone. Please complete this form, it will help us to align the right puppy to the right families. The health and wellbeing of both our dogs and their puppies are the most important to us. We will contact you soon to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate you reaching out! Speak soon, Ben and Sarah - Labs of Valour

Our Breed: Labrador Retriever
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What type of registration are you after. If you are after a full (mains registered) dog, this allows you to show and breed from your dog (requires a license for breeding). Limited registration is for family pets.


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In order for us to help you select the perfect puppy for you, we would like to know more about you and the household the puppy will be placed in. (Eg. basic description of your house, family structure including kids if you have any and yard including yard size)

Other pets at home:

Are there any other pets in the household? Do you have the time and energy required to give a Labrador? Are you committed to training and socialising the puppy?


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